We have a number of services for all your document management needs. We can tailor our services to your specific needs. For example if you are scanning Human Resource files we can enable searching by employee name, contract of employment, holiday forms and many more. Our document scanning service is fully GPRS compliant.

If you are look for secure scanning of your office records then we have a document scanning service to suit.



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Paper Document Scaning

Unsing the latest in Kodak scanning technology we collect your boxes of paperwork in our unmarked vehicles and bring them back to be booked into our tracking system. We prepare the paperwork by removing staples, folds and post it notes. The documents are then scanned to the chosen format and indexed with fields of your choice. The images and index are then imported to either USB Hard Drive, MS OneDrive,  import to sharepoint or uploaded to our cloud based archive solution.

Large Format Scanning

With a 50 inch Colour HD Contex scanner we can scan large format plans, maps, drawings, posters, sketches of all sizes. We are one of few companies with this ability in the UK. We offer this service from 1 page to tens of thousands with high detail and swift turnaround. We can offer extended services such as overlays to OS maps for import to your existing GIS system providing massive ROI opertunities.

Drawings can be named by their drawing number or descriptions, and held in any file format.

Lab Notebook Scanning

Offering improved non destructive Lab Notebook, book, manual, newspaper and magazine scanning. Non destructive scanning of bound books. E-Books also created from paper bound books and magazines. All images are captured in full colour ensuing any pull out graphs or pencil sketches are retained for future reference. Essential disaster recovery planning for important research material and paper assets. We cover many research and development parks and Hospitals and are set up as approved NHS suppliers.

Database on USB Drive or OneDrive

Using market leading software we can provide you scanned images back in an easy to use software solution allowing your office convenient access. Our external USB HArd drive based software solution ensures you meet and fulfill your Data Protection obligations. Conforming to all standards such as BSI PDC 0008, 0009, 00010 for legal admissability of electronic images as required by HMRC for storage of receipts and invoices that need to be retained for a minimum of 7 years. The self contained software is easy to use and update.

Scanning your paper record has never been simpler. Contact us today to discuss your document scanning requirements and our Cambridge office will be happy to help.

Online Cloud Archive

Our digital image management system is a high performance, cost effective solutions that we can customise to meet your exact needs - all you need to access the system is a web browser located on any PC or Tablet.


By using secure dedicated servers and SSL encryption we can off you an internet based system for retrieving and viewing your documents all over the world. 


The system is not only secure but also offers full conformity to legislation for storage of electronic images and allows regular reporting of what individual users have accessed for full audit trails of the original scanned image. There is no better way of storing legally admissable documents for your business.

Confidential Paper Shredding

Security should always be priority when thinking about your companies sensitive business data. As we beleive document scanning should be an end to end secure process we offer second to none shredding services for confidential paper shredding. Have the confidence that your data is being handle sensitivly from pickup to shredding with our accedited document destruction service.


Our shredding service provides a certificate of destruction after completion with waste handling notes. The process is compliant with the latest BS15713:2009 as used by MOD level 4 standard.