Secure Document Scanning Services

Scanview UK can scan documents from stamp to A0.  Our document scanning is full text searchable making your PDF files easy to use. High resolution OCR document scanning to reduce physical storage space and ease day to day use. When using your scanned documents with Adobe Readers you can search for a word, phrase or sentence within a complete scanned document / file. This process reduces the need for complex indexing or book marking of files which is costly and normally unnecessary.

Scanview UKs document scanning is secure, and certified to ISO9001:2015 standards. Document Scanning with Scanview UK you can be assured of the best quality and service around.

Scanview UK has market leading HD large format document scanning equipment for bulk document scanning of large format drawings. High resolution full colour for GIS is also possible at Scanview UK.

By scanning drawings they:

  • Are easy to retrieve, meaning no more searching of filing cabinets.

  • Can be easily printed and distributed.

  • Reduce storage space requirements.

  • Allow more than one person to view files at the same time.

  • Do not damage the original paper drawings.

  • Can be used while out of the office and on site.

Scanview UK offers a secure legal admissable document scanning service. ISO9001:2015 certified under certificate number UK2133-82A. Fully GDPR compliant. Scanview UKs PDF document scanning service is completed to the highest information security standards.

Cloud Document Archive

Once your paperwork is scanned we can upload your files to our secure cloud based document management system for viewing on your web browser. Safe and secure it allows multiple user access levels and full audit records for legal admisability of your files. With minimal or no in house IT assistance we can roll this system out to complete departments instantly.

Paper Scanning

Scan your lever arch files, boxes, filing cabinets to PC compatible images to view on your computer or tablet. Our document scanning process is approved for converting your files to electronic images. Supporting Image formats such as PDF, PDF/A, Jpg and many more. We scan paper from stamp to large format plans and drawings for easy access and diaster recovery.


By Scanning you paper files, drawing or microfilm record to electronic PDF images allows access 24/7. No more lengthy seaching in boxes, through drawers or cabinets. Simply logon via your browser and type in what you are looking for all from the comfort of your office or home.

1. Managed Archive Solutions

2. Instant Web Access

3. Legal Admissable PDF/a

Helping you find the right scanning solutions.

We have the right document scanning solution for you and your office. From a simple scan lever arch files, boxes or cabinets to PDF onto Hard Drive / USB through to managed cloud based technology.


Document Scanning can save your office time and money by ensuring your documents are quick to locate and held in a safe and reliable solution.


Would your current DRP (Disaster Recover Plan) hold up to fire or flood where your paper records are stored? Our cloud based archive will.


Cloud Document  Archive


Your Document Scanning partner with a shared vision.

Mobility and Access 24/7 

Cloud Image Archive

Security with https and SSL Technology


Scanning Stamp to Large Format Documents (a0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5)


Lab Notbook Specialist Scanning


Forms Recognition and Processing (data capture)


Microfilm Conversion (16mm, 35mm, Fiche, App Cards)


GIS OS Map Digitising and Overlays


Paper Scanning from 2p per page